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Page 20: The LESSON begins!

Hi FANS! 😁

We are back from a bitter-sweet weekend,

catching up with some very dear friends we have not seen in years, as we all gathered to mourn the passing of over mutual beloved friend, Gary Semenyna.

It has been an emotional 48 hours. I wish we'd had more time, as we would have loved to spend more time with some of those friends, especially Patsy, her kids, and Tatiana, but they all know we Love🥰 them and they are in our hearts.

Now I'm home, catching up on chores, emails, and trying hard to complete my latest book, "The GIRAFFE with a LAUGH."

In reviewing today, I realized I've been referring to this book as Book 8, but in fact it is technically Book 7, (because I count the previous books "The Alien Canadian" as 5A and "The Alien American" as 5b, instead of Book 5 and 6. Hence, "The BEAVER with a CLEAVER" is considered Book 6.) I was a little disappointed, as I thought I was closer to my goal of ILLUSTRATING all of the 24 books I've Written, but it's ok. We are still getting there, one day at a time!

We are close to the end of this fun book, where the GIRAFFE has just agreed to teach all the other animals of the jungle a very valuable skill; how to LAUGH.

ALL the animals are at "Full Attention," anxious to learn this skill, for somehow they know it is something that they all NEED!

In light of recent "real-world" events in our lives, I've especially enjoyed creating the happy-go-lucky characters for this particular book. They're just the spark of joy and spontaneity I needed to boost my mood, and hopefully they are the same for you!

The GIRAFFE is pretty unique, but anyone who's watched SHREK can also appreciate a spunky DONKEY sidekick! And this guy is definitely a memorable character!

The two of them together are a hilarious pair! I hope you like them as much as I do.

We're going to have to wait and see how this "PRACTICE SESSION" plays out, but, SPOILER ALERT, I think it's going to be GOOD! Please stay tuned...

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Wishing you Blessings.

Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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