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What's THIS pic about?

I'm now neck deep in the mundane part of creating this book: REVIEW of everything, and corrections as needed! But I wanted to take a moment to share something...

This pic is my Art work station. Ignore the organized chaos! LOL.

The guy on the screens was my best friend, Marty Chadney, one of the most Awesome guys you could EVER meet. Lost him a few years back to Lyme disease. :(

That was the last pic I ever took of him.

One of my biggest regrets in life is I that I couldn't be there more for him near the end of his illness, but sadly, back then, I was really not well at all either.

You might wonder, "Why is he on my computer?" Well, it's actually relevant.

You see, back in the day, me and Marty talked a Lot together about helping each other achieve our dreams,

He and Marie wound up buying this computer tower for themselves, which was higher end at the time, but then it crashed. They knew we didn't have much money, but I was a tech head, so they said I could have it if I wanted to try to fix it.

Long story short; I did manage to fix the tower and later decided to use it as the brains powering my ART station. When I finally set everything up and started doing my books, I downloaded & saved this pic of Marty as my screen background.

I'll NEVER Ever change that background, because when I'm working it feels like Marty is still there, watching me chase the dreams we talked about. And I wouldn't Have that computer if it wasn't for him and Marie, so it reminds me that even Now they're still Contributing to the dream!

Besides, I never want to forget him. He was one in a million. Call me crazy, but I really value Good people.

Progress report:

It's been a good day Editing!

1. I have gone through every story page, reviewing and tweaking the Text location/size/colours.

2. I've also gone through the Illustrations for every story page, checking for missing details, size and placement, and I've made a few changes there too.

3. I wrote the "Moral" Page in Word and have added that page into the book. I also did my research to decide on the appropriate Scriptures for the book and have already added them to the website page!

4. I've reviewed and edited all the other pages that go into the book, incl. the Covers, Captain and Main Character Drawing pages, the Copyright page, & the Dedication Page.


Tomorrow, I will convert the pages to jpg format and work on putting them into BookWright. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly and quickly with Blurb's new version of the program!

Once I am satisfied, I'll order my PROOF physical copy, to review for any final tweaks, before the book goes LIVE to the public! EXCITING Times!

God Bless, 😊

Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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