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TEASER shot of the NEXT project!

Hi Fans!😁

As promised, I'm introducing you to the latest work! This is the COMMISSIONED work I mentioned before.

I already have a very busy year ahead, but the subject matter made this project extremely special, and worthy of prioritizing. So...I hope to complete this before all my summer projects begin!

What you see is a "working Title," subject to change. In fact, the whole book will proceed with significant input from the client. It will honour the client's vision and still be readily identifiable as part of the signature Captain CHOO theme.

I have completed a tentative script, subject to client review and suggestions. Flexibility with the writing is limited, as the client wants to keep my rhyming style in telling the story, but also needs me to stay "True" to scripture. Finding rhyming substitutes for some of the words in scripture and still maintaining "verbal flow" makes for an interesting challenge.

Meanwhile, time is precious, so I'm well on the way to creating the Copyright, Dedication and Message pages, that are not impacted by script changes.

Excited to get going full-out on this one-of-a-kind Captain CHOO book. It will be a worthy addition!


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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2 Σχόλια

Jeff Reimer
Jeff Reimer
12 Μαρ

cool. Best subject matter ever !

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Dave Chouhan
Dave Chouhan
12 Μαρ
Απάντηση σε

Amen, brother!☺️

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