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I received the PROOF Hard and Soft Copies shipment of BOOK 5 today, and, after reviewing it, I'm happy to report...It Looks FANTASTIC!

Next, I'm going to go ahead and setup all the ONLINE sale stuff, submit it to Apple I-Books, then add it to my website and my social media profiles.

As soon as I get a decent coupon code from Blurb, I'm ready to place the order for the LOCAL Fans! You know who you are...Hugs and much Love to ya'all. I APPRECIATE YOU!

I'm really pleased with this book. I think it's a "game changer;" a very relevant tale that might put me on the MAP to "commercial" success! Even if it doesn't, the cause is worthy!


Book 6, The US customized version of this book, "The ALIEN AMERICAN," has also reached COMPLETION!

I just ordered the Hard and Soft PROOF copies TODAY, (although I have a support email submitted, to rectify some formatting glitches with my publisher's Bookwright program, BEFORE this one goes PUBLIC.) Updates to follow...

HEADSUP For LOCAL Fans: Unless you're a Hardcore Collector, or have strong American ties, you won't need this book, as the majority of its contents are identical to "the ALIEN CANADIAN." I've just made some changes to be "region specific."

These affect the COVER, starting page, Coloring page, and ending page. Changes include, obviously, the National FLAG portrayed, but also the PARLIAMENT BUILDINGS depicted, and important NATIONAL MONUMENTS eg. for US, The Statue of Liberty is very symbolic of their values.

We share the same challenges as our neighbours to the South.

I believe, geographically and politically, Canada and US are the two Biggest western nation "PARTNERS" in the entire world. Each nation is inextricably connected to the other in many ways, and we Share many of the same values and European roots.

With that in mind, I respect Americans enough to take the time to make a customized version of this "ALIEN" book for them, to recognize things specifically important to them.

I will post pics of THAT "AMERICAN" book, once I rectify the formatting error and can officially launch it for sale...

God bless ya'all!

Dave :)

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