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AUTHOR, ILLUSTRATOR, Photographer, Story-teller, Philosopher, Hopeless Sap & Romantic, Humanitarian, Pragmatist, Nature & Animal Lover, Travel aficionado, Visionary in search of a Higher purpose...

I'm honoured to have you join me on a life journey of self-discovery, personal growth and the quest for enlightenment, expressed through boundless exploration of various Artistic mediums and written forms.

I am constantly learning new ways to innovate and add extra depth to my work.  I hope these creations will serve to uplift, bless and teach.

YES, My Alter ego IS the swash-buckling, ocean-faring, and book-loving Adventurer, Captain CHOO!

My MAIN current pursuit follows his adventures and Written treasures, in the Captain CHOO Series of Children's books. 

You can explore these on  my BOOK PREVIEWS page,

& please check out my "Products For Sale" under the SHOP tab.

To see some of my History, you can look at PORTFOLIO SAMPLES.   Follow my Future Blog posts to glean insights into my Visions & techniques, plus discover the experiences, influences and inspiration behind some of my accomplishments.

I would be grateful if you share my website and posts with anyone you think might appreciate them. 

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Thank you!  :)

P.S.  For my long-term friends,  "David" just sounded more "Artsy!"  Lol.

Your friend,

Dave Chouhan, AKA "Captain CHOO   "

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May your bright Eyes sparkle with light,

your dancing Feet never falter,

your powerful Heart leap with joy,

your vibrant Body resound with vigor,


your unbreakable Will  flood with fire,

your inquisitive Mind marvel at Life's mysteries,

your peaceful Soul revel in Love, Kindness, & Good,

and your yearning Spirit never cease to give thanks

for Every precious blessing God sees fit to bestow,

each and every moment of your life.

Choose to be the kind of person

whose presence betters wherever they go.

Peace and love to you all :)

Splattered Paint

David S. Chouhan

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36, 2300 13 Street North Lethbridge, AB, Canada, T1H-4E8


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Splatter Painting

“It is better to fail in Originality than to succeed in Imitation”

Herman Melville