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A Journey through History...

Splattered Paint

When we CREATE 

we honour the gifts from our Maker.

David S. Chouhan

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Splatter Painting

Copyright © 2021 by David S.Chouhan
Illustrations Copyright © 2021 by David S. Chouhan

David S. Chouhan writing and illustrating as “Captain CHOO.”

All rights reserved under International 
and Pan-American Copyright Conventions.

Without limiting the rights under copyright above,

No part of any of these works may be reproduced, 
stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, 
or transmitted in any form or by any means 
(electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) 
without the prior written permission 
of the author and illustrator.


“Captain CHOO,” “Captain CHOO Critter Capers,” "Captain CHOO SPECIAL," and “H.M.S. CHOO” PHRASES and GRAPHIC DESIGNS are TRADEMARKS TM of David S Chouhan ART,

with All Rights Reserved.

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