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A Change to my Facebook page...

Hi everyone,😀

I had a very recent experience with a customer where, at their request, I was searching on their phone in Facebook for my Business Facebook Page, and I was surprised that it wasn't popping up in the results!

That's NOT good!

It turned out to be a simple issue: my FB page has the words for my site separated, (as in David S Chouhan ART,) whereas my Website, out of technical requirements for website registration, has no such spaces:

Computers/Online databases are dumb: if you don't enter the characters EXACTLY as they are on the site in your search they cannot recognize, & subsequently find, the matching site.

I get it, but that's just Not acceptable Marketing practice when you are trying to get your name out there, and make your site easy to find! FB Page followers may be notified that I just renamed my Business Page, removing all of the spaces in the Page name. I would be grateful if my dear fans keep following my journey. :)🥰

It makes sense to be consistent with the digital marketing.

NOW, whether you are Google searching for my Website, or on FB searching for my Business FB Page, you simply type Davidschouhanart WITHOUT ANY SPACES, and I should pop up in the possible matches.

It's a journey, and every day brings a new challenge. We adapt and do our best to roll with the changes. Thank you for being with me on the road ahead. :)


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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