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A story of FORGIVENESS...

Page 22: the Big PLOT TWIST!

You finally get to learn how Benny the Beaver deals with Wrong doing.

Initially, I WASN'T going to share this page including the TEXT, as it gives away the story.

BUT...I think the fans who have been following Deserve that "reveal," and, in this case, the illustrated page Without the Text looks pretty bare!

Page 22 covers A LOT of story "ground," so the TEXT portion actually "makes" the page.

A boring "insider" note:😉

When you, as an end user client, are reading an illustrated book, you may not consider how much thought goes into planning the TEXT. But...properly created Text can "make or break" the visual appeal of a Children's book.

My Text is entered Separately from my background text "boxes," then overlayed on my text background for the final written effect.

In my books, I need to consider Size and Placement of the text boxes, different Font styles and background Colours to differentiate between Quotes and the story writing, CAPITALIZATION, Font Sizes, use of Italics, Bold and various Outline settings to draw attention to Key words.

In some cases, like the one here, I have to custom design the Text box to specifically fit the page and the text involved. It can get quite technical, as the graphic artists will appreciate, when you have to start playing with "Nodes" to change the shape of your text box!

One thing I also do, as I review my Text entries, is to strictly maintain CONSISTENCY the style choices I've selected. The intention is that anyone picking up a book of mine can then instantly recognize and identify it as a "Captain CHOO" book. These are the "Collectible" attributes that ultimately help you stand out from the crowd.

TEXT design is a boring aspect for most readers, but it is a KEY attribute to creating a Uniquely recognizable and Collectible product. Being quite OCD, I cannot help but consider EVERY aspect as I design each of my books. I really want to do the BEST job I can, for my fans and for myself. At this point, I truly feel this is God's "calling" on my life.

I sincerely hope you guys can appreciate the Extreme attention to detail that goes into each of these books.

P.S. If you notice some errors in text or graphics in these "Insider" posts I'm sharing please Don't fret.

Once I complete the Final page, I go into EDIT Mode for a couple of days, where I go through Every page with a "fine toothcomb," reviewing all of the text and graphics. and correcting any errors. Only when I'm Thoroughly satisfied do I proceed to creating a Print copy through Blurb's Bookwright, so that I can order a printed PROOF.

And, only After I've received and approved that PROOF Print copy do I Finally release the End product for mass distribution.

It takes more work and time, but You fans are worth it, and, besides, I simply have no desire for pushing out "sub-standard" work! I never did for 30 years of my career. I'm not about to start now.

Blessings to you all, 😊

Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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