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BEAVER Colouring Page Done!

SO here's the completed COLORABLE Page for the new book!

That Beaver's quite the Wood Carver!

I'm really HAPPY to report that, today, I'm right "back in the groove," and EVERYTHING's coming back to me. :) Unlike yesterday, I didn't have to FORCE the drawing today; it just "flowed" effortlessly.

As far as remembering all my drawing/painting/editing techniques (after being side-lined for six months) the subconscious just took over, so I guess what I've learned so far is still buried somewhere deep in that "noggin!" LOL!

What a RELIEF!

Got lots done, including even COLORIZING this page for the COVER! But you'll see that page another day.

I'm just so glad that I'm finally able to carry on where I left off, has been a Full day, so time to grab a bite and put my feet up for the evening.



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