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BEAVER with a CLEAVER: Pg 2 is DONE!

We are making PROGRESS!

Here's the second page, minus the TEXT, (which IS also done now, but is in my other graphics program.)

This book basically requires TWO completely Separate illustrations for just about EVERY page, in order to do justice to the considerable amount of text in this story.

I'm happy if I complete One of those illustrations per day, so, at that rate, the goal is a completed page every two days.

As those who read my last Blog Post know, I'll be stopping for a bit, to help with the funeral and estate of a dear friend who just passed. I expect that mission will start on Sunday and keep me busy for at least a week, but I'm pushing hard with the book until that time, and will be eager to pick up where I left off, when I return!


Dave :)

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