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Book 6 is now LIVE for ONLINE SALES!

Not the greatest pic off my PC, but after Many distractions, I'm pleased to announce that "The BEAVER with a CLEAVER" has finally been added to my website, with all the related Weblinks for Blurb sales uploaded. The pic is of my webpage Tab for "My Books on BLURB."

Feel free to also PREVIEW it (first sample pages are viewable) on website by going to the "BOOK PREVIEWS" Tab, Book PREVIEWS | David S Chouhan ART then clicking on the BEAVER book pic at the bottom left. (Best viewed on a PC.) ***Don't forget to go FULL-SCREEN, by left-clicking on the diagonal "expansion" arrows symbol just above the top right of the book link.


Blurb has made some Publishing changes that complicate how you see my books now.

We authors used to be able to upload Hard, Soft and PDF copies of our books in ONE step, and then the Blurb site would show ALL VERSIONS combined under ONE Title Entry.

NOW they require us to upload the different versions SEPARATELY. :(

This means that Blurb will also display multiple duplicate images to the public for each of my FUTURE books, as EACH VERSION is listed as a SEPARATE book. :(

(This change does not impact my previous books, as they are already uploaded.)

I have submitted a Support request to Blurb to see if they will rectify this annoying problem, but in the meantime I apologize for any inconvenience.

For the sake of simplicity, going forward my website will only include ONE of the Blurb links, which will direct you the Hard and PDF copies of future books. If you are looking for Soft Copies, you can explore my Blurb profile to find them.


I DO Strongly encourage anyone who's kids prefer using Digital devices to consider buying DIGITAL copies of my books!

It is FAR more Cost Economical for you, even over the Print copy Deals I strive to get for my LOCAL buyers, and e-delivery on Digital products is super-fast and hassle-free, rather than waiting on Shipping!

That's all for now...


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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