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Captain CHOO has gone MOBILE!!!

Well, I'm Very pleased to share that I've successfully put together and tested a setup for Mobile production of my books!

With some of the things going on in our lives right now, I was losing a great deal of productivity, due to often being away from my home office. That was weighing on me, as I have Big goals for this business, but in order to reach those goals I have to be ABLE to work on them no matter what!

So I made sure I could do just that, regardless of whether I am at home or on the road. It's all part of my long-term plan.

There were some issues, as expected, during installing all the required software on my laptop, then getting it and the tablet to play well with each other. 😅 LOL.

There are some minor software glitches I have to work around each time I connect/disconnect the hardware. I also had to physically rearrange things a few times until I found the best work-flow layout for everything.

Now, I've figured it all out.

The BIG Test was the last two days, as I "Trialed" this rig to make the next page on the book. And I'm happy to report it worked decently. That next page post is coming soon!

This is a game changer!


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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