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From Sketch to FINAL OUTLINE!

Couldn't leave you all with that scribbled Sketch too long; you might think I'm an Amateur!

I spent the day developing the specific features of my main character to my fussy standards. Below is the result.

I was pleased with my cleaned up initial sketch (on the left,) but, taking a step back, knew it could be better.

Part of Disney's "12 Rules of Animation" talks about emphasizing smooth, sweeping "lines of motion," and also "Exaggeration of features where needed" to achieve a desired effect.

I was fine with the lines of motion, but the features needed fine-tuning:

It was important to me to really highlight the Height of my Giraffe, since it's a stand-out characteristic of that creature.

With that in mind, I elongated the neck considerably from the initial drawing.

NOW it looks way more like a Giraffe!

Then I began drawing in a "Detail" layer, adding some spots.

BTW, The "heart" shape on the chest is no accident, tying in to the Captain CHOO ❤ Theme. I like it, so I think it will stay.

Next stage,

involves drawing in the remaining Details and background, then adding the Color/Shading layers.

Every moment I'm "back in the saddle" feels really good. :)


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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