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YES, we're at the Mid-point of illustrating, "The BEAVER with a CLEAVER!"

This is the first time I've given a PAGE "Play-by-Play" of one of my books on this BLOG.

I hope the fans are enjoying an inside view of the process of Illustrating a book in action.

I already know I will have to interrupt this process one more time, as we continue to help our dear friend (whose hubby very recently passed,) and as we help my Mom, who has been extremely ill, and just broke her foot, to boot!

It's OK.


and I am DETERMINED to serve where I'm needed, and still complete THIS project, BEFORE the arrival of Spring means I resume the critical Renos on our "New-to-us Old place."

It will ALL Get Done. :) I have FAITH.


Dave, AKA "Captain CHOO💖"

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