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Updated: Mar 4, 2022

We’ll, we’re back…

I find myself deeply introspective at this moment, contemplating the events of the last month. Reflecting helps me to process, as I switch back into "Production" mode.

My wife l, Denise, and I just spent three exhausting weeks out of town, helping our dear friend Crystal, after the sudden death of her husband, our good friend Ray.

We juggled that with my Mom being hospitalized during the same time-frame, with serious life-threatening medical issues. She’s finally home now, but definitely not out of the woods.

Not 48hrs since we returned home and I learn that another old friend has suffered a stroke, and is not expected to survive the week.

Sigh…I guess we are at that age.

Meantime, within a day of returning home, I got sick, possibly with Covid, and have been feeling really rough for three days. I was kind enough to share it with Denise, who is starting to go downhill now, just as I am starting to recover.

Needless to say, it’s been a difficult and unpredictable month. It’s also thrown my 2022 resolutions completely awry! (A mildly superstitious bone in my body made me jokingly wonder if articulating my goals in Writing to the fans at Christmas would jinx them! LOL. Guess so.)

Anyway, I just want the fans to be aware that these events have put me behind schedule with the books for the rest of the year now, but I absolutely do Not regret helping friends/family in need. It was the right thing to do, & God sees my heart. When MY time comes I want Him to be able to say "Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant." Meantime, I WILL "stay the course."

Still, I want to be completely honest about the challenges (we all have them,) because that will help you appreciate the Victories even more when they come!

Merely two days ago, I was sick, exhausted, with spinal pain fully flared up, and honestly feeling downright defeated by how far I still remain from hitting some of my long-term Art/Writing career targets. And I fully expect our other skillsets will continue to draw us elsewhere, as required, over the coming weeks.

It’s also been tough maintaining long-term drive and optimism chasing these full-time business goals, when we’ve survived for a very long time on a “shoe-string” budget, as I’m sure many other entrepreneurs will tell you. Sometimes we feel invisible to others in the midst of our battle.

That said, I have Zero patience for unproductive Wallowing in self pity or Whining, least of all with myself!

I DO truly believe, and will say it Again; those who ultimately SUCCEED are those who dismiss excuses, take responsibility for what they Can do, keep Focus, Act consistently, and simply PERSEVERE, despite Any obstacle that may come along.

And THAT’s what I intend to do.

In the “BIG Picture,” this is just another temporary setback.

The overall CAPTAIN CHOO “COMPLETE COLLECTION” timeline may need to remain flexible, but “The Beaver with a Cleaver” WILL be completed, sooner rather than later.

I will push on diligently as I am able, until that is the case, especially as the now quickly approaching spring will mean switching back to “House Reno” mode, and I want the book done first!

But before I focus on that, I want to set aside this important moment of time to honor, cherish and remember a fellow musician/artist/master carpenter friend, who was a big supporter of my creative visions.

I salute my good buddy, Ray Palin.

You will be missed, & when the new book comes out you will be in the Dedications.


Blessings to ya’all,


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