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MAJOR change to the SCRIPTURES Webpage!

Greetings everyone! 😁

A busy day making many updates on the website in general.

Recently a very seasoned Christian brother I greatly respect made a comment that made me question why I have been referencing the NIV version for my scriptures.

In reflecting, I think I just wanted a widely accepted version with modern-day language that the younger generation could understand easily, and NIV was the main "go-to" version that we all used in previous churches.

That said, I am "Old-school" having always preferred the original King James version! My friend respectfully hinted that some of the NIV translations may actually lose or even possibly misinterpret the meaning of the older KJV passages.

I am by no means a Bible scholar, (not seeking a debate) but my English skills are strong, and when I started comparing some of the same passages between the two versions I did indeed find some troubling discrepancies in interpretations.

(If I could interpret Greek and Hebrew I would actually read the much older versions!)

I would use the KJV because, other than in England, it falls within the "Public Domain," meaning no usage restrictions, but the old English terms (like "Ye" and "Thou) would lose some readers.

My solution was to switch to the NKJV NEW King James Version, which still employs contemporary language but seems to remain more "true" to the intent of the original KJV scriptures.

After some serious prayer and reflection, I felt it was important to go ahead and make these changes to my website. YES, It was a PILE of work to look up Every scripture I used again in NKJV and then update all my documents and website references accordingly, but I believe the changes were worthwhile. And it would only have been more work down the road for each new book I do.

For Future books, I will typically reference NKJV,

with appropriate credit to the publisher, Thomas Nelson.

However, they do have some Copyright restrictions on use of their version, so if they object at any point I will have to adjust accordingly.


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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