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"PIG" 2nd Edition goes LIVE!

Good day, folks!😀

It's OFFICIAL: The redrawn Proof has passed my approval on the second attempt!

I just released the book PUBLICLY!

I've set up the Sales details on BLURB's site, and I've updated all related links for Book PREVIEWS and SALES on my website pages.

***NOTE: Since Blurb decided to separate uploads for Hard and Soft copies, my newer website Sales links direct you to only the Hard copy and PDF versions, but if you look at my Blurb Profile you'll see links to the Soft copy versions too.

One annoying detail is that when I deleted my previous "PIG" PROOF from Blurb it also deleted my PDF order, so I can't set up online DIGITAL sales until I order another PDF download!

That won't happen until I place my BIG inventory order in prep for this year's Taber Corn Festival. It's prohibitively costly to order individual copies.


In the last 18 months I've eaten the costs and protected my buyers from TWO price increases from Blurb for printing & shipping costs. Unfortunately, that is just not sustainable long-term to keep the business viable.

So, effective immediately:

-Soft covers go up one dollar in price, from $14 to $15.

-Hard covers remain $25.

Keep in mind these prices INCLUDE GST. I don't think the minor bump in price will scare off my loyal fans, and I really appreciate your understanding.

If I ever partner with a traditional publisher all of these things could change immensely. For now I am limited by the costs associated with self-publishing outfits.


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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