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"PIG" Hard copy needed changes!

Hi all,

The new version of "The PIG in a WIG" is not going LIVE yet! Why?

The PROOF Hard copy I received had a very minor but annoying print problem that needed fixing:

Blurb's last update to their Bookwright program changed the Cover image upload screen. It was difficult now for me to see the exact alignment, so the printing on my book spine was offset, by just enough to drive me nuts!

I debated leaving it rather than spending money on another Proof, but my wife who knows me so well, reminded me that I wouldn't be able to live with looking at that error printed on a mass scale.😅

I have already made an adjustment,(hopefully good now,) and ordered an updated PROOF, which is printed and on its way.

This is exactly why you do a single PROOF before you set up any book for BULK orders!


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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