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Hi Fans,😁

Last night I completed redrawing "The PIG in a WIG!"

If you recall, this was done because some people found the first pig a little too human in shape, and, with the pink skin, they thought she looked like a nude girl.

A good artist needs to be open to constructive feedback and adjust accordingly.

Even though it meant re-drawing just about Every Single Page, I felt the story was good enough to be worthy of the effort, so here we are.

This pic is one of the pages (without text) from the New book. I still utilize Anthropomorphism, but this time I really emphasized more of the Animal form.

Everything else on the book (writing, moral lesson, scriptures etc.) remains unchanged.

I will be uploading this book to my publisher shortly, which means:

  1. I have to delete the First version off the Publisher site, which also means my WEBSITE links to it will be temporarily inactive until the New version goes LIVE, then I'll link to it.

  2. This is officially the SECOND Edition.

After I've uploaded the book, I still need to order PROOF Hard, Soft, & PDF copies, and review them for print errors BEFORE I release the Second Edition for PUBLIC Sale.

It can take 3 weeks or more to get the printed copies, so I expect Version 2 will go LIVE in approximately 1 month.

Once I get over this nasty flu I will evaluate my next steps.


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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