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"PIG" Second Edition is UPLOADED!

Good Morning, everyone!😀

Yesterday I turned a "flu" day into a Productive day;😁

I had to download an updated version of Bookwright and learn it, (with some glitches I had to figure out,) then spent the day importing all my pages and formatting their layouts for the Second Edition of "the PIG in a WIG," before finalizing the upload.

Here's another sample pic from the new book.

I got it all done, PLUS placed the order for the PROOF print copies! (I already received the digital PDF copy, and it looks good.)

Now it's a "waiting game" until I receive the Proofs, review and approve them, then I'll release the New version to the public, both on Blurb and on my website.

Not too shabby...👍🏾


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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