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QUICK UPDATE for the Fans...

Hi Fans! ❤

It's been a "hairy" couple of months.

Anyone who saw my "Life Priorities" BLOG from Mar 4 knows that the Kids Books were side-tracked by unavoidable life circumstances, including the death of a very close friend, and the extremely serious illness of my mother.


Our dear friend now has a Conditional Offer on her home, Closing very soon, so we hope she will finally be able to take some time to grieve, re-assess priorities, then move forward positively with her life.

Mom is doing better with her shoulder infection, but still not out of the woods. We expect to return to Calgary for at least two more weeks to help her and Dad, as she continues to heal from a badly broken foot, and we ensure she is stable and, equally important, no longer fainting & falling from her meds (which is what cause her to break her foot.)

We also have agreed to MC at our God-daughter's wedding Mid May, at a campground, so when we get back we need to immediately jump on getting the camping trailer prepped!

All these events were worthy and important, but have prevented working on the book.

Once we return from that MC engagement, we have multiple pressing Renovations that we still need to tackle this year on the old house we bought, and by then it will be "Peak summer season" for doing that work.

All this means that something "had to give;"

I'm reluctantly forced to delay completion of the "The BEAVER with a CLEAVER" until Fall. It's still happening; I just HAVE TO take care of these other priorities first.

I'm really sorry , fans, but I assure you, with the book already midway the ONLY way it won't get done is if I unexpectedly DIE! But THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

Instead, we are going to push forward, tackling one task at a time, until they are ALL Completed AND hopefully a resounding Success!

Thank you all sincerely for your ongoing support!

It's going to be a busy, productive summer, but I appreciate you all hanging in there while I take care of these side missions, before returning "to the Book-making fray!"

Wishing you all a Great SUMMER! 😊


Dave, AKA "Captain CHOO💖"

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