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Thanks to my Book fans!🥰

Hello Everyone!😁

The Christmas season, with all of its busyness, is upon us!

Before it gets too crazy, I wanted to take an important moment to acknowledge some people who have provided steadfast support to me in this author/artist venture.

Let me start thanking my wife, Denise,😍 who is also my enthusiastic Sales manager and biggest fan.

Recently, I placed my bulk print order for my last two books , "The BEAVER With a CLEAVER" and "The GIRAFFE With a LAUGH," (If you recall from previous posts I was holding out for a decent Blurb sale.)

Being near the end of the tax year, to avoid excess inventory carried forward, I placed a limit on how many copies of each book I ordered.

I have not pushed sales at all this year, as we have been busy helping parents on both sides, and when I did work on the books it was more focused on the "creation" aspect of the biz,

So...I was astounded to see most of this order of the new books almost entirely SELL OUT in less than two weeks,

thanks to my wife's hard work/networking skills and some loyal fans!

I haven't really even started pushing the Marketing yet, so this was shocking to me. There are only a few books of each left!

To respect confidentiality, I won't mention names, but...

-there are some KEY people, family and friends, who always PRE-ORDER each book BEFORE I release it, sometimes multiple copies for their kids.

-Also, I just received a bulk order of 4 Hardcover copies of each of these books from a good friend who really believes in and encourages what I do! He's always been a GREAT supporter.

You good people know who you are. 😉

I am so grateful for such good friends and strong encouragers.🥰 Thank you IMMENSELY to each of you for being part of this journey. You truly keep me on track.

***Anyone looking for wholesome Christmas gifts for your kids or grandkids, please keep these books in mind. NOW's the time to reach out to Denise if you'd like to order some.

Meanwhile, I have been putting in marathon sessions redrawing "The PIG In a WIG," and have made excellent progress thus far on the Second Edition. Don't know if It will done before Christmas, but I'll keep you in the loop.


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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