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The ART PC gets a TECH Upgrade!

Hello, my friends, 😀

The Win 10 PC which i use for my drawing my books and adding the text was really starting to show its age, sometimes making me wait for minutes while loading or editing. I'm patient, but it was long overdue for a serious upgrade, once time and finances permitted.

Well, I finally was able to get to that task TODAY!

Some quick "tech geek" talk:😉

Crucial has always been a reliable source for my RAM Memory. I also like Kingston.

I didn;t want to pay full price for my SSD from a retail supplier, (they're quite pricey,) so I picked up my SSD drive at a significant discount from Facebook Marketplace; a fellow bought it brand new but it didn't work for his system configuration.

Thankfully, one of my abilities is that I am pretty handy with computer hardware and software.

With MUCH prayers😅, lots of advance research, and a couple of failed reboots, I was able to SUCCESSFULLY install and activate the RAM and the new NVME M2 SSD in my Win 10 ART PC!🤗

I had to re-configure the BIOS to recognize and prioritize the NEW Hardware afterwards.

I just fired it up, and NOW this "puppy" is LIGHTNING FAST!😁

One more Success checked off the list, as we move forward on this journey.

It may not sound like much, but this is HUGE in improving my work flow, something CRITICAL for a guy who is self admittedly hyper-detail oriented and obsessive compulsive about Efficiency.😅

Now I can move forward focused on "producing," instead of dealing with annoying glitches and tech delays.


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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