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The FINAL Page of Book 7!

Hi FANS! 😀

Well, OK, technically it's not the last page, as I still have to write the Moral page.

But I'm super happy to be able to say that the ILLUSTRATING Part is DONE! YAY!!!

There's still a Lot of work to go.

This book was unusual in the amount of re-writing I did during the Illustration phase.

Next, I re-edit the original Word doc with the changes, then review it for smooth continuous "flow" and any wording that is "clunky." This bit has to be done First, because word changes here also have to be done on the pics.

Once I'm sure the script wording is finalized, I have to do my usual REVIEW Process:

-TEXT in each pic must be reviewed for typos, spacing errors, syllables as needed, font size, style, outline, italics/bold as needed & color selections. Most people don't realize that MUCH thought/planning goes into these choices.

-the BACKGROUND colored text boxes also have to line up with the text, and properly placed within the pic, so as not to cut off critical pic elements.

-I will also need to examine each PICTURE for any errors/omissions, plus proper page alignment, and correct any issues I find.

When each page is ready I will export it into jpeg format, so it is ready for uploading into Blurb's Bookwright. That's when the actual Book creation process starts.

I missed my self-imposed deadline of Mar 31 by 7 days.

Not serious, but I'm anticipating a really good coupon code from Blurb at month-end, and I need to have created, ordered, received and satisfactorily reviewed my PROOF copy of this book BEFORE then, so that I can go ahead and place a BULK order when I get that code!

Pressure's on.. Wish me luck. Regardless, I'm happy to have another book just about ready to roll!


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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