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The PRINT Order is IN!

Hi everyone!😀

Today's supposed to be a day of rest, but I wanted to get this quick update to ya'all!

I shared previously that Blurb ended allowing clients to use the same (larger percentage) Photo Book Format discount codes they email us to order Trade Format books. I held out for months, hoping that they might reverse the decision, but it seems unlikely now.

SIDENOTE: Anyone can order from my website links to Blurb, and I do highly recommend buying DIGITAL copies that way; it's super cheap already, and No Shipping/handling!

But, in my view, ordering PRINT copies of children's books directly from the website seems pricey for end customers, once you tack on their Shipping fee. (Blurb does occasionally offer decent discount deals for anyone buying direct from them, and I'll start letting you all know when those sales are on.)

Meantime, Knowing I have local fans who have waited very patiently for Print copies of my two latest kids books, I finally caved in on the last sale and placed an order.

I do still get some smaller discount emails as the author, and/or when I buy in bulk. Those savings cover my Shipping Cost, which spares my local buyers that expense.

So...RIGHT NOW, I have a very limited number of Hard and Soft copies of "The Beaver With a Cleaver" and "The Giraffe With a Laugh" available for sale!

I don't intend to order more until next Spring, when I am gearing up for the trade shows and School/library readings I mentioned in my last post. That means if you miss out now you'll likely be waiting for a while before I get more in.

They won't last long...Some of these copies are already spoken for! Thank you so much to my die-hard supporters!🥰 You know who you are, and I so appreciate you! 🤩

Anyone else interested please contact my wife, Denise, as she handles local Sales. Thank you.


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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