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The Sketch for the NEXT Book...

It doesn't look like much, but this very quick SCRIBBLE introduces the Next Character in the Captain CHOO series!

If you haven't figured it out yet, I tend to share more than just my actual Art on this blog.

Writing is an effective tool I use to "sift" through Life. So...These blog posts include behind-the-scenes motivations for every decision I make for my Art business.

With the recent loss of my lovely Mom, the last few weeks has been a blur of activity...

My wife and I were in Calgary to provide support, and help with funeral arrangements.

Just like South Asian weddings, South Asian funerals tend to be very long affairs, which can be draining for the direct family members. They don't have time to "process," as they're super busy just ensuring all the many guests arriving, some for extended stays, are looked after, as well as making all necessary funeral/related arrangements. It's overwhelming when you have more than a week straight of a "revolving door" morning to night, with up to 50 people in a house at once! On a good note, that shows how many people loved Mom.

My brother (who lives in Calgary) and sister (down from Ottawa) are still under duress, dealing with major estate stuff whilst also helping Dad.

I will be returning to Calgary soon to help share the load, and to assist Dad through this difficult transition. We do not know how much help he will need, and for how long.

That uncertainty puts a BIG wrench in the gears for 2023 Captain CHOO goals, strikingly reminiscent, in a bad way, of last year's events.

I confess, it's quite depressing to face yet another u-turn, as I try to build this Writer/Artist dream into a viable long-term business. I am keenly aware of the "clock ticking," for many reasons, on my window of opportunity to make this vision happen.

But I am a stubborn old goat these days! 😂

Rather than be Defeated,

After I took a few "down" days to rest and recuperate,

I spent the last couple of days assembling and testing a slick new-to-me MOBILE laptop & tablet Drawing setup, so that I can work on Captain CHOO ANYWHERE!

If I HAVE to be on the road, I don't want that to prevent me from moving forward on the books.

We'll see how focused I can actually be at Dads, but at least now it's a possibility.

With that step done, I needed to decide which book is next.

How did I select the Next book to illustrate?

My previous published books all have clear Moral lessons.

In choosing the next book to draw, I wanted to keep it Unique; not too close in Moral to any of the prior ones. (Some of the written works are quite similar, and I'll save them for possible later publication.)

In keeping the Theme consistent, I still wanted a Moral message, but right now, to stay motivated, I need to "switch gears" to something light-hearted that I'll enjoy illustrating.

After re-reading my unpublished pieces yesterday, this one stood out for checking ALL the boxes; Good Moral, but Very light-hearted and chockful of whimsical FUN!

Right now, It's a loooooooong story, so I'll have to do some serious editing "CHOPS," but...

I present to you my hilarious new friend, "The GIRAFFE with a LAUGH!"

I will have to be flexible with my commitments for the near future, but I look forward to telling you more about this colourful character.


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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