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"The YAK with a HACK" SALES have launched!

Hi everyone! :)

Another busy, busy day in "Captain CHOO" World:

MY PROOF copy of "YAK" arrived today! It passed my usual fussy inspection. YAY!

I've gone ahead and SET UP "YAK" FOR SALE on Blurb, and just added the BLURB "Preview" and "Sale" links for it here, on my website (and above.)

Please remember the Electronic formats available on Blurb are a very cost-effective way to get a copy, and work Great if your high-tech kids prefer using tablets and I-pads!


1. NUMBER OF PAGES VS COST: With Self-publishing, the book publishing costs go up when I create a book that is over 24 pages, as was the case with "The PIG in a WIG."

To keep the FINAL cost for my Children's book at a reasonable level for everybody, this detail HAS to be factored in.

Although there will be some exceptions, I'm trying to keep the books under that 24 page limit. You may notice that YAK (and future bigger books) have more writing per page, for that exact reason. That said, I plan my page layouts with Very deep contemplation. Rest assured that I will NEVER sacrifice the quality of a book simply to meet Print Cost limits.

2. GST: You're saving money so far because, based on my accountant's expertise, I am not yet at a volume of sales that requires me to charge GST! I don't have any control of that tax threshold, but, meantime, I'm happy to be able to give my early supporters that benefit. THANK YOU AGAIN for your faith in my work!

3. COUPON: Blurb just emailed me a Discount Coupon code yesterday; PERFECT Timing! :) That means: I can place another bulk order using the discount, and, as I've been able to do thus far, pass on my Cost savings to you guys. So far that discount has covered the separate Shipping costs on all of my LOCAL fans orders!

so, also Today...I PLACED THE BULK ORDER for "YAK!" Did I mention it's been a busy day? LOL!

That means, factoring in production time, Shipping and Customs, it should be in your hands by approx. this time next month! I'll update you all when it arrives.

Meanwhile, I am hard at work on "The ALIEN CANADIAN" and "The ALIEN AMERICAN!"

More on those "game changers" later...

God Bless you all, and take care!

Dave :)

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