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What does 2024 hold?

Updated: Jan 4

Hello Friends & Fans!😃

Wishing you all a Wonderful, Happy New Year!💖

2024 is starting out very different from 2023, in a good way!

The last 2 years, after our move to Taber, I have been playing a desperate, stressful game of "Catch-up," dealing with immediate "Fires" and putting off "non-essentials" tasks.

My close friends know that I am a meticulously organized man, who likes to be prepared in advance for ALL outcomes, so that was a very difficult, trying period for me...but, after 8 long, difficult years, we are now finally "coming out of the valley."

I feel like The FUTURE holds "promise."

I just spent the last two days doing year-end Tax stuff; inputting data into spreadsheets that tracks my 2023 Book Sales data and tallies my year-end Remaining Inventory, (which is thankfully minimal.) It's Not fun stuff, but is a necessary part of the process...

And now it's DONE, unlike the previous two years, almost 3 months ahead of schedule! YAY!👍

Most of my sales in 2023 were last minute, as the majority of the last two years was focused on helping ailing parents, whilst continuing necessary renos on "this ol' house!" lol. But, "boy-oh-boy," as I inputted that data, I was just reminded again of some key people who have kept me going through it all!

I know I was hesitant to mention any names a couple of posts back, where I recognized some strong supporters, but I think my Number ONE BIGGEST fans deserve to hear just how utterly grateful I am for them "keeping me in the game."

YOU folks really made the difference in me continuing the art and writing...

So...JEFF REIMER, CRYSTAL PALIN, & BRIAN & TRUDY CLIFFORD, THANK YOU🙏 SO MUCH, & May God bless you for your belief in me and support/encouragement for what I am doing.💕

I Love you guys; you're truly the BEST of the Best!🥰

That does NOT downplay the rest of my supporters, (Please do not be offended if your name is not mentioned here; I am really grateful for EVERY single one of you,) but these were my BIGGEST VOLUME purchasers, and they have stood by me steadfastly from the beginning of this venture. "Captain CHOO" would veritably no longer exist without them. That said, I am grateful for EACH purchase, every prayer, and every word of encouragement or direction. I DO appreciate them all!

Speaking of "VOLUME PURCHASERS.," you might be wondering, "What's my "Answer to Prayer" pic in this post is about?"

Well, TODAY, "out of the blue," I was informed by a new friend of mine that his sister is interested in purchasing FIFTY of my books to distribute to her network!

This deal is still to be solidified, but it's just the encouragement I needed. Such an order would constitute a SIGNIFICANT win for me! This would also be the first official "commissioned" work for me, where I customize my work to whatever the client seeks.

Every book I create requires an enormous amount of effort/commitment on my part, so, honestly, I find it laughable when people casually ask me to spend my time/skills creating a SINGLE book that will only be available through a limited private sale, and then they still expect 50% of the commission when I do ALL the work!

It is simply not time-wise/financially viable for me to agree to such offers.

However, with a solid 50 book or more purchase commitment up-front, it's ABSOLUTELY exciting to work with clients to create the vision they see. AND I'm so grateful for anyone who trusts me to execute that vision.

This promising development couldn't come at a more opportune time, as the latter half of 2023 I seriously & realistically debated the practicality of continuing this "Children's book" venture.

Thank you, Lord, that you see the "BIG picture" & direct accordingly.

I will "stay the course," until You tell me to adjust.

For now, 2024 looks optimistic, and I will step forward in faith with my vision.


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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