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What's with the ALIEN???

On my FB Business Page, David S Chouhan ART, on January 16, 2021, I shared that I had:

"...typed out the final text for a children's book that has been weighing on my heart for a while...

I feel Driven to get it off my chest and out there ASAP, because it has a very Important message for Americans and Canadians, in light of recent and current events and our social/political environment..."


There will be TWO, almost identical, but "region-specific" versions of the book, one for CANADIANS, and the other for AMERICANS. WHY? Because we are both Western democratic countries with similar values, and though we are separated geographically, we share many of the same cultural/racial challenges.

Because this book involves "PEOPLE," rather than "animals," it won't be categorized within the Captain CHOO "Critter Capers" series. Instead, it will be classified as a Captain CHOO "SPECIAL!" I suspect there will be more books to add to this collection in the future.

So, why the "ALIEN?" WHAT''S THE MESSAGE behind this book?

Although I exaggerated to make a point, by making the main character a comical "grey" boy with a spaceship, this book actually has NOTHING TO DO WITH ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE!

What it's really about is "FOREIGNERS" from OTHER LANDS!

The "New Revised Standard Version NRSV" of the Bible (among others) specifically references "Aliens" in this context. See below.

(I primarily use NIV, as well as King James, New King James, or the Amplified Bible, but they tend to substitute "foreigner" or "stranger" for the word "Alien.")

I see so much ignorant hate and violence in our nations, based upon color and ethnic discrimination. It's sad, and beneath us.

Yes, in some cases, there are legitimate issues that should be dealt with accordingly, but they are derived from "ingrained values and teachings," rather than "genetics."

ANYBODY partaking in "wholesale judgement" of an ENTIRE other race, based on the actions of a FEW is just wrong.

Being a proud Canadian, I'm disappointed to share that I've encountered people with such biases firsthand, on more than one occasion.

Take note: If you are in North or South America, UNLESS you have a pure First Nation bloodline, you, or your predecessor, was also an ALIEN to THIS LAND at some point, regardless of your "bloodline!" Please Remember that.

I think God intended ALL of us "Aliens" or "Foreigners" to treat each other with LOVE and RESPECT!

Why do I believe that? Because it feels "right" in my Spirit, and because it's Scriptural.

My Primary selection might change, but right now the Primary Scripture I've selected for this book is:

  • (NRSV) Leviticus 19:34

"The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God."

We can only get there if we teach all of our children proper attitudes towards people of different ethnicities! We are ONE Nation, one Species, and every one of us needs to make that choice to move forward TOGETHER...THAT'S what THIS book is about!

To my fellow like-minded Canadians and Americans: May God Bless You ALL!

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