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A Journey To Hope

ART takes many forms. Writing a Play, AND having it performed publicly, has been a goal on my "bucket-list" for a verrrrry long time! It has finally come to pass, with the added Bonus that I got to Act (something else I really enjoy) in the final performance!

"A JOURNEY TO HOPE" is a 2020 Christmas play I co-wrote for my church.

It was included as part of our REGULAR "December 20, Sunday Worship Service," on Park Meadows Baptist Church YOUTUBE site.

The play starts exactly at the "19 minute" point of the YouTube broadcast. I've included that specific broadcast link below.

For some reason, WIX didn't like me embedding a direct link to the site in my blog.

If you have trouble, just copy/paste the link address below into your browser. Hope you enjoy it. We are no Acting/Film Pros, but I thought it turned out very well overall. :)


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