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Another one DOWN! Pg. 17!

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

What a SATISFYING feeling to see this book taking shape after 10+ months on the back burner! 😊

This pic of Page 17 may look a little bare, but that's because the advertising Billboard with the two main characters also gets its Text added in my CorelDraw program. That stage IS also Done, and I can assure you that the Finished page looks much better, but these "in-process" shots provide "insider" extras for the fans, to see how the books come together.

I calculated this book to have 23 pages, not counting the MORAL page, so WE'RE GETTING THERE! Slow but sure wins the race!

Had a wonderful visit with Jeff Reimer and his wife Sharmaine (hope I spelled that right, as she said it's starts with "S") yesterday, and he also bought a bunch more of my books! WOW! Not at all my intention, when I shamelessly "plugged" him in my last Blog post, LOL, but HEY, he IS a Great Realtor!!

Anyway, we had a great time together. Thank you, Lord, for good friends! They make Life so much more bearable and FUN! I may be considerably OCD, task oriented & loathsome of distractions, but my wife reminds me (and she's right) that All Work and No Play makes this Davey a grumpy old man! 🤣


Part of my long-term MARKETING Strategy has Always been to DRESS UP as Captain CHOO, then attend Craft Fairs & other events in Character! I LOVE Acting, and what kid doesn't enjoy meeting their Swashbuckling Heroes in real life?

My Number ONE focus right now is to Finish THIS Book!

BUT...Eventually, I also want to film my reading Videos of all of my books whilst in character, and start sharing those videos on my website, YouTube, and/or other social media.

My lovely, talented wife has expressed an interest in joining me with that, so the "First Mate" AKA MRS. CHOO will eventually be more engaged in the "Captain CHOO" universe!

We just picked up some suitable costumes and accessories during the Halloween sales, We also selected some funky jewellery from the thrift stores to complete the looks.

Over this year, I'll will watch for other quality cool pieces, and slowly piece together some nice ensembles that I feel fit the roles. That bit of this business is FUN!

It is a dynamic work in progress, but lots of exciting plans on the horizon!

Meantime, grateful for the warmer weather, but wishing you all safety on those slushy, icy roads out there!


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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