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Captain CHOO gets a small TECH BOOST!

Hi Friends!😃

As the books continue they evolve.

I just discovered how to generate my own QR Codes.

For the younger generation or anyone savvy on a mobile device it is waaaay easier to scan a QR code with your device camera to open a website, rather than manually Typing in the web address!

With that in mind, I generated TWO specific QR codes to add to my future rear book covers.

The first takes you to my Facebook page, which you can follow to stay apprised of all updates.

For those who don't use FB, The second code takes you to my website. Specifically, it goes to the Book PREVIEW page on my site, as I figured most people would want to see that first.

But...from there you can navigate my whole website via the menu tabs to see the other pages there.

This is all part of the marketing strategy to make Captain CHOO more accessible and visible to the whole world. It is an exciting journey building the business, and Every little piece of the jigsaw counts!


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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