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"GIRAFFE" First Page is Done!

Hi everyone.

We're finally kicked off the drawing for the actual Story part of Book 7.

Since my last post, I created my Main Character Coloring page, the Captain CHOO Coloring Page, and edited the Copyright/Dedication Pages.

Now, it was time to "set the SCENE" for this new book with the first page:

I was seeking a "tropical" look, evocative of a hot temperate climate, very African style in nature. I also wanted to PLAY a bit with drawing styles. :)

That's why I opted for a black OUTLINE Only drawing, using Orange and yellow shades to emphasize the heat of the midday sun on the Savannah. (The majority of the book will not be drawn like this.)

I've learned from my Art Training that sometimes LESS is MORE:

I could've spent Many days drawing each animal in individual DETAILS and full color, but using crisp, accurate OUTLINES instead saves time while still clearly conveying the intent.

You have to remember that this is a children's book, so going overboard on precision Detail work isn't necessarily practical. LOL! This will Not be a Renaissance Masterpiece hanging framed on a wall (although I have done that type of art too.)

Also, Once you add the TEXT boxes, you sometimes COVER UP much of that detail.

For this specific page, I think Outline style actually works Better! However, with this style ensuring Perfect FORM and Linework is even more Essential!

I debated adding more animals, but this too would detract from the CLARITY of the drawing in an Outline style, where too many overlapped Silhouettes make the final image visually confusing.

This is the right compromise; enough animals to give the proper impression, but each one can still be Clearly picked out without difficulty.

Of course, as the book progresses you will meet many more Captain CHOO Critters, and they WILL be fully rendered.


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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