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"PIG" Proofs Arrived!

Hello everyone!😁

The Proofs for the Second Edition of "PIG in a WIG" arrived today!

I still have to review them, so please cross your fingers 🙏🏾 that all is good.

Once they pass muster, I'll release them publicly on Blurb & update my website links.

I haven't picked the next book to illustrate yet:

This week, Denise and I were both very busy working hard on creating Costumes. Still much more to do there, but we've made some Excellent progress, and some of the props we've custom-created look pretty STELLAR!

On the "Tech" side,

I've been going through my now considerable digital database, plus all social media/marketing, eliminating duplication/redundancy and trying to streamline everything.

I also finally acquired and have successfully tested a suitable budget projector set-up, to present books digitally from my laptop at public shows. Bonus!

Once I have placed a crucial BIG inventory order, we will be getting quite prepared for "taking this show on the road."

At that point, we'll still need to practice lots of Acting, so that we can confidently and successfully do shows "in character." I don't want to blow that key part of the plan.

The whole thing's simultaneously nerve-wracking and exciting. It all takes time, but Progress IS happening!


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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