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Hi friends! 😃

LOL, the "me" in the image looks intense, but that was the only Bitmoji image with text that remotely fit the theme of this post.

I had an interesting thought posed to me yesterday, and not for the first time.

It was asked that if I post EVERY page from my books on my Blog then would anyone still have incentive to BUY my books?

It's a good question, that I had anticipated prior to deciding to share every page. Anyone who truly knows me is aware that I do not take any action without a great deal of thought and research first.

To answer anyone who had the same thought, my reasons for doing so are Three-fold:

  1. I've done a fair amount of reading on social media marketing. ALL the experts agree that to build an audience/fan base it is Imperative to post frequently and consistently. Since my books are currently the primary focus of this site, it makes sense to share the progress of the Pages as I create them. Also, each page takes a couple of days to complete, which fits perfectly "time-wise" in the ideal social media "marketing" plan.

  2. I am very grateful for my supportive fans, so I like to reward them with the "insider' scoops before the book reaches publication. Call me "old-fashioned," but It feels right to do that, just to show how much I appreciate them.

  3. Some busy parents, who buy print copies or download digital versions of my complete books for their kids, simply do not have time or patience to go on my blog every two days just to pull up a free screenshot of the latest page in my latest book!

  4. There are always a few people who will be too cheap to buy a product if they can somehow get it for free, even if it is a rigorous, arduous ordeal to get that "thing" via the "free" route!

Here's my thoughts on Point 4:

I know that, personally, when I want something I do not have time or patience to go through a Lot of nonsense to get that "thing." When I'm shopping for an item I will still try to be cost effective, but I also very much value a stream-lined, efficient "purchase process" with the least hassle.

I will absolutely pay a reasonable amount for a good product, if it means I get it quickly, efficiently and with minimal hassle. and I think most other people would too.

So...if a couple of people want to cheap out by reading each of my books via combing through 24 or more of my Blog posts, I'm FINE with that. Good for them. I hope they enjoy them. If that minimal percentage of people is the difference in "making or breaking" my business then I really need to change business strategy!

Can you imagine wanting to read a book but having to wait TWO DAYS to read Each next page?!!!😅

LOL. I know when I was an avid book reader that would NEVER have been an acceptable option for me!

Which is why I expect MOST people who are looking will be fine with paying the miniscule amount it costs to buy a book outright, so they can peruse the whole thing at their leisure.

And that's why I will continue to share page by page progress of all my books on my Blog

Heartfelt Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖


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