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SOFTWARE Upgrade follows Hardware!

Hey Friends! 😀

The ART PC has been offline for a full 48 hours, getting some much needed upgrades, so the re-draw of "PIG in a WIG" was paused.

Needless to say, there was some stress/blood pressure issues whilst navigating the tech challenges to get things back on track.😂

Last post, I shared that I did some Major Hardware changes (64GB of RAM and an NVME SSD,) that really sped things up!

I no longer have to twiddle my fingers waiting while searching for/saving files to and from DropBox, switching between mutiple open screens, or running updates. Nice!😊

On the "Software" side, one of my Drawing Programs was also having some issues. Along with CorelDraw, I've been using an old version of Sketchbook that was part of the pre-packaged software bundle with one of my drawing tablets. It was limited in features, but I didn't want to buy the New Full version from Autodesk, because last time I looked (a couple of years back) it cost an arm and a leg!😅

Amazing how quickly things change in the "tech world..."

Autodesk has since sold the Sketchbook software to Microsoft!

I just downloaded the latest Full Version of "Sketchbook Pro" from the Microsoft Store!

The really nice thing is that you can install that download on up to 5 devices, so ALL of my systems got the new software for a whopping $29.11 Cdn total!

That's a Great investment for the business!

I still had to spend considerable time after installation, customizing features (tool menu, color palettes, layer displays etc.) the way I had them before, but the new version also comes with a host of New tool/brush options, and a slew of optional Free downloadable extras! (Of course, I downloaded/installed them all!😁)

You can see from the sample screenshot that there are MANY choices!

I doubt I'll ever need/use all of them, but I'm excited to try out some of these new drawing tools in the future books.


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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