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FABULOUS NEWS: I doggedly persisted through some challenges last week, to complete "The ALIEN CANADIAN!" YES!!! Victory!

I'm pleased with this book. It tackles some very Important, Sensitive issues that are at the forefront of current social clashes within our world. Read it and you should understand.

The next generation of leaders needs to be taught YOUNG that CULTURAL animosity, ignorance, ingrained biases and different belief systems, rather than GENETICS, are the real challenges needing addressing.

Absolutely, we MUST still protect the rights, freedoms, and traditions that make Canada the wonderful home that it is. Keeping that in mind, on a Larger scale, WE must also learn to WORK WITH EACH OTHER, and stand together, UNITED, if we, as ONE species, AKA "HUMANITY," is going to progress as a RACE.

I confess to wondering sometimes, if there are such things as "highly evolved Aliens" monitoring our planet, whether they are waiting for us to reach THAT level of intellectual/spiritual maturity as a SPECIES, before they choose to "formally" reveal themselves and contact us.

After all, if you were an advanced species would you want to associate with a lesser, comparatively barbaric species, until they have proven that they have potential and ability to mature and advance? I know I wouldn't...

I just ordered my PROOF COPY of "ALIEN CANADIAN," and, once I receive and approve it, I will launch the book, and order copies for the LOCAL FANS!

This week, my goal is to draw the pics for the customized AMERICAN version of this book, "the ALIEN AMERICAN."

I hope to complete it and order that PROOF by the end of the week.

BLESSINGS to all of you... :)

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