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The COSTUMES are looking good!

Hi Captain CHOO Fans!😁

So much is happening that it's hard to keep up!

The commissioned work I mentioned recently looks like it may be going ahead. It's a complete departure from my usual style/theme, so it will stand in its own category. I'm excited to see where it goes. More on that down the road...

Thanks to my amazing and very talented Wife, Denise!😘:

You may recall the plan has been to start enacting Captain CHOO and First Mate Mrs. CHOO in videos and in-person, as part of my Marketing strategy.

I did NOT want some cheesy, cheap amateur costumes purchased from a Halloween store, because I want the Captain (me) to look like the real deal. However, buying high-quality sea captain gear can get very expensive. We check out thrift stores and we're pretty I wanted to try our hand at making our own custom stuff.

It is taking a long time, but...

between Denise's sewing skills, research, and incredible patience, plus my inventiveness in making accessories and seeking out/combining suitable hats, wigs, jewellery and other accompaniments, things are coming together!

I took a couple of hasty pics, so the pose isn't perfect, but here's just one of the outfits for Captain CHOO.

It's hard to see in this particular pic, but Denise has done a TON of really cool work on ALL of the costumes, adding customized buttons, snaps, ribbon & embroidery, and sometimes completely ripping and re-stitching seams as needed! She even sewed a couple of the baggy pants from scratch; something well out of her comfort zone that she had never done before! Amazing talent!🥰

I'm also proud of the scabbard belt, the jewelled dagger hilt/dagger belt, and the magnetic diamond-shaped Heart hat jewels that I created for the outfits. I think these little details really make the outfits POP!

The Captain has three costumes ready, with a fourth in the works!

I still need to create some customized "boot toppers" for my boots to make them look appropriate. That's next.

First Mate's Mrs. CHOO's outfits haven't been started yet! We do have some pretty good stuff to work with, so hoping they won't require nearly as much customizing.

Once we have that all squared away, it will be time to write some Book Intro Video scripts, and then do some rehearsing in prep for recording. In turn, that will get us ready for the "Live" shows.

It's been challenging and requires much commitment, but it's also been FUN!


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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