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Oops...been so busy working I guess I missed sharing this page!

So here's Page 7 of Book 7, "The GIRAFFE with a LAUGH."

It's coming along, as I'm already done Page 8 too, but I'll share that later.

On this page, we learn that the creatures living in this forest have a dark secret;

None of them are HAPPY! I wonder where this is leading?

Strange that Fiction reflects Life at this moment.

I am currently struggling, not only with the loss of my Mom, but much more so with the repercussions of what will happen with my Dad going forward.

All my life, I have tried to please my Dad and gain his approval, but my path has not followed the direction he wanted for me.

However, I still love him, hugely appreciate all the sacrifices he and Mom made to give us a better life, and I want to support him through transitioning to life without Mom.

I am ashamed to share that Dad, whilst being a good man with a good heart, has a knack for "pushing my buttons" and sometimes bringing out the same rage and judgement in me that he has. Add deeply ingrained old-school cultural values and family expectations into the mix and things can get severely challenging.

If we could have calm, candid, honest, respectful conversations we might actually get somewhere, but that generation either buries everything or issues erupt in yelling matches.

It's been near impossible to focus on my Writing/Drawing in this frame of mind.

Sorry that this personal issue is slowing down the business.

In Christian teaching, the giving of a "Father's Blessing" is very important to the Sons, as evidenced in the story of Cain and Abel. That blessing, in my eyes, translates to at least some occasional encouragement, approval and praise.

I've come to realize over the years that a desire for that unrealized Blessing has ALWAYS been a Major Motivator for me.

Despite that disappointment, I have an amazing wife who truly SEES ME and knows my heart inside-out, and she she steadfastly encourages and stands behind me.


THAT simple yet Major decision to do so makes the difference between wanting to Give Up in despair OR Press Forward, proving to myself what I really can be...Thus, I KEEP GOING.

FATHERS, please encourage your sons (and daughters.). Not all of us will become Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers or Accountants, but that doesn't make us bad people or failures.


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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