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The NEXT Chapter begins...

I’m SO happy to report that, after SIX long months, I have officially set Digital art Pen to “canvas,” commencing illustrating the next book (#7.)

For anyone who thinks doing Art is like riding a bike, that’s only true to some extent. After so long, you you may remember the “overall” process but you DO forget some of the intricate techniques/methods that had become automatic through practice. It’s also amazing how hard it is to “get back into the zone,” where mind and body are undistracted, and singularly in tune with the “creative process.”

Don’t use it and you do indeed lose it.

It’s taking some serious determination to recover those skills, and regain my “flow,” so that I can just draw freely, instead of thinking about the “Hows.” This week I struggled but pushed through, and today is a triumph!

Allow me to present a refined Black and White sketch of the next Main character, wielding his tool of choice.

Don’t worry; he isn’t vicious at all, but he is quite handy with that tool!

You’ll get to read about it…soon…

GOD bless

Your Friend, Dave Chouhan AKA “Captain CHOO”

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