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The YAK attack!

Please bear with me...This is just a TEST!

With this Brand New WEBSITE, my very recently created FB Art Business PAGE, my FB Personal Profile, and possibly Instagram, it's becoming CRITICAL, time-wise, to find the most efficient way to cross-post on all the platforms I will use!

I've also just set up Instagram to Automatically share my FB ART PAGE posts. Let's see if it does...

Instagram requires a pic, so you guys get to be the first to see the "Teaser" cleaned up doodle of my next book's Main character, the "YAK!" It's not finished by far, but I've learned people like to see the artistic process, not just the finished work.

Here, there's a basic color wash in the background, but I was focused on developing the DESIGN of the YAK. I did lots of rough sketches, determining what line thickness and strokes to use, choosing which poses/body shapes/textures to highlight, what to include/exclude, plus what to exaggerate, to enhance the cartoonish aspect and playfulness of the character. All of this will come together, along with an appropriate Color scheme to give the Final style of the character. I'll share a finished pic later.

Back to the TEST...Once I publish here (on my website BLOG,) I'll copy this link and post it to my FB ART PAGE, then share that FB PAGE post to my FB Personal profile. Then, finally, I'll go check to see if Instagram automatically shared my FB Page post. Wish me LUCK, and I hope you are all having a Great day! :)

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