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The "YAK" shipment arrived!

H everyone. Quick update for the LOCAL Fans:

After a delay at customs, my shipment of Book 4, :The YAK with a HACK," has arrived!

Denise will start reaching out to you all to arrange sales.

Thank you again for supporting Local! It is greatly appreciated! :)

One other quick update: I have been very hard at work on Books 5 and 6, (region specific versions of the same story,) that I mentioned in previous posts. I'm pushing to complete "the ALIEN CANADIAN" by this week end, closely followed by "the ALIEN AMERICAN."

These books are a BIG departure from the usual theme, (which I will be returning to immediately afterwards,) but are very socially relevant in our trying times.

Of course they still follow the writing and artistic style you've come to recognize as Trademark "Captain CHOO," and will make a fine addition to your growing collection. :)

Stay tuned.

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