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TIM joins the gang!

Another mammoth page down!

This one actually involved FOUR Separate illustrations, and four separate paragraphs (most of my previous books have two per page,) so it was a substantial undertaking.

On this page (11,) TIM, one of the main characters for the "BEAVER," is introduced.

The VISUAL part of the book is, slowly but surely, taking shape!

There's still a long way to go with the illustrating, but it's happening. :)

I apologize for the glare on my drawing tablet, but I wanted you give you a quick shot of the work in progress in CorelDraw, and also give you an idea of the text that will accompany the illustrations. Even as my own worst critic, I have to's a good story. I think you'll like it.


Dave, AKA "Captain CHOO💖"

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