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Which Book gets illustrated NEXT?

Hi Fans,😀

A bizarre couple of days for me, filled with mental turmoil as, still recovering from that flu, I contemplate my next steps.

I've been busy researching on Several fronts:

  1. I've briefly done more experimenting with AI art generation (admittedly, I'm an absolute rookie) and how I can use it to possibly speed up production. I'm debating doing a test run on the next book, using AI generated preliminary images that I'll further significantly improve by hand. (Funny, AI chopped HALF of my initial writing out of this post without even asking me!😂)

  2. I looked further into Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing, to increase my exposure. It's still an attractive venue, but there is a HUGE amount of tedious work required to re-prep my books for that separate platform. Still on the radar.

  3. I did a little digging on finding an Agent for marketing my specific genre to a suitable Traditional publisher. Another long-term research process.

  4. We're still working on creating costumes, but I'm relying on Denise's skills for that, so we relegate that to her schedule. Any "book shows" require having that aspect done first.

It's overwhelming to try to digest everything at once, so I'll have to tackle these projects in stages. Meantime...I cannot sit idly and be unproductive or I go crazy!

Which brings me to this pic, of all of my ""Captain CHOO" books written so far...

The practical approach is to keep busy with whatever I enjoy/am able to do NOW.

In this case, many of these books still await the ILLUSTRATION process. Some of them may not make the final cut, depending on multiple factors, and that's okay.

Right now, though, I'm going to re-read through the remaining ones. I'll select the one that best fits with the series style so far, commence re-editing, then begin illustrating it.


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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