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BEAVER learns to USE his CLEAVER!

Page 15 is complete! And YES, that include the TEXT!

It's been a challenging couple of days working on this page, as it involves Multiple character pics and related text, that would normally be spread over Two pages or more! The BEAVER story is considerably longer than my previous Published books, so I need to consolidate more info on each page, to keep costs reasonable for my clients.

All these different character poses are great practice, for getting back into the "flow" of things, though!

I'm pleased with the progress in re-acquainting myself with all the characteristics I integrated into the design of this cute critter. 👍

It's important, if you've left a book midway, to maintain CONSISTENCY when you resume illustrating. I double-check Many details, like the size and proportions of my character, colour choices, Detail work, esp. in the face, but also the hands, feet and tail, inclusion and proper direction of line work for the fur, how the eyes are depicted, the brush styles, tip size and opacity levels used in drawing things like the character and object outlines, shadows, etc. It adds up to a Lot of subtle details to remember, but every single one contributes to the effectivity of each scene.

All of these things are drawn on separate overlapping "layers," which are then manipulated and combined to create the effects I desire in my Final images.

It's Amazing what you can do with some imagination and experimentation! 😊

From what we see here, The BEAVER is learning a few SKILLS of his own too!

I wonder what he's going to do with them? Well, You'll See...



Two days ago I had an interesting experience. I was called out of the blue by a person wanting to represent me as an Agent. He was quite convincing, offering to get copies of my books into the Miami Book Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair, as well as other brick & mortar book sellers. All this for a paltry sum of $5000 and encouragement to sign the deal right away!

I am not naive, so I told him I don't make big financial commitments without due diligence. So I did my research, and from what I found, I think I was correct to be wary.

Apparently, there are MANY fake and/or over-priced companies offering Self-published authors exposure to Big traditional publishers for exorbitant sums of money. A good chunk of them are based in the PHILIPPINES, but may have a US address and even a US website listed! Interesting to note, as the guy I spoke with Did have a strong Filipino accent, but gave me a very Western Last name, and he said he was located in California. The scary thing was the guy was actually very articulate and knowledgeable about the writing industry, so, despite some red flags I picked up on, he was still very convincing. His website looked quite legitimate and professional too.

These types of guys might actually minimally fulfil what they say, but the cost is exorbitant for what is offered.

eg. It would actually have been ONE soft copy, (probably on a back shelf somewhere) in the middle of a book festival with Thousands of other competing authors...hardly headline publicity!

It would have been ONE blast email to potential publishers, something I can do much cheaper myself through an app like Mailchimp.

I would also have been expected to pay for hotels/transportation to/from the book fair. That might still be well worth it if I was actually getting a Major publication event eg. where I have my own full Table and can display multiple copies of all my books.

Despite all the "flowery" write up in the proposal I was emailed, This was NOT that.

All I could hear was the till ringing as the potential costs kept adding up!

I think I dodged a bullet, but now I'm on their radar, so I expect more "prospecting" calls.


Please be very careful if you get a cold call soliciting your book. Do your homework before committing to ANYTHING! I'd hate to see any fellow artist ripped off.

Onward, to Page 16!


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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