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"BEAVER with a CLEAVER" Pg 1 is DONE!

Here's a shot of my Drawing Tablet, showing the Illustrated First page of this new book, now COMPLETE, including the associated Text!

It's a Very GOOD feeling to get this page under my belt. The "re-learning" curve is behind me, so the rest of the pages should be Much easier.

On a separate note: I got some very bad news yesterday...we lost another dear friend to Covid complications with co-morbidities, way before his time. That's FOUR in our very small social circle the last two years. :(

I expect I may need to Pause this book temporarily, to go and help the family.

The last few years have taught me a few things:

  1. Never consider ANY Plan to be "set in stone." You can make a plan and pursue it, but GOD orders the steps of Man, and Life has a way of throwing curveballs...So it's important to REMAIN FLEXIBLE and open to changes that affect your plans.

  2. Part of me was very anxious and distracted by this terrible news. The LAST thing I felt like doing was SITTING STILL in one spot, just drawing. But most WORTHWHILE ENDEAVOURS REQUIRE GRIT, continuous discipline and perseverance. So I PUSHED THROUGH, because, sadly, I can't change the situation, and focusing on the project is a productive & therapeutic way to distract myself. I know it's what my friend would have told me to do.

  3. I'm Very Goal oriented. WORK discipline is good, but this event reminds me once more that a Healthy WORK-LIFE BALANCE IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT! Even as I jump into this new book full-on, I MUST remember to ALLOW TIME FOR FAMILY and close friends. Simply put, None of us know when the last time is that we will enjoy each other's company.

  4. So...Make the Most of EVERY moment.

I'm dedicating this upcoming book to my long-term good buddy, RAY PALIN, who was also very artistic. I hope it meets his approval.

Please forgive me for going off topic from the Art in this post, but as "insiders" you get the scoop on some of the challenges for this artist "behind the scenes..."

Peace & Blessings,

Dave, AKA "Captain CHOO."

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