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Page 17: A Giraffe who HOWLS!

Hi FANS! 😀

The book is coming along...6 pages to go!

Giraffe is explaining things to the jungle animals. but their reaction just "Cracks him up!"

WHY would Any creature need to make that very STRANGE SOUND, and WHAT PURPOSE could it possibly serve?

Even the WOLF is not impressed, especially when the Giraffe laughs so hard it sounds like a HOWL!

Looks like it's going to take a deeper conversation to get them to understand him...

Well, it's Coming...stay tuned!

Some of you who know me may wonder why I chose this story as the next one to illustrate, out of ALL the stories I've written:

Well, the "real" world has presented some more difficult than usual challenges to tackle lately, We always handle our business, but it's been draining.

To stay positive, motivated and somewhat "on track" with my business goals, I selected a story that is light-hearted and whimsical, not necessarily "preachy."

It still has a Great message, but this tale is one of a few I've written that are more geared towards pure child-like FUN. 😁

LOL. Not every story I share will "hammer you over the head" with a Moral!

***INSIDER NOTE: I set out writing these books because I thought I'd like doing it, have the skillset, and I really wanted to create something absolutely Pure and Fun, that kids and their parents would enjoy together. BUT...I DID ask God to direct/bless my work, whatever it was, and make sure it honoured him, and that's where He prompted with the "Moral" aspect.

Somehow, this story's Primary focus on FUN makes it easier for me as the artist to dive into illustrating it each day. I'm sure it's because your brain tends to subconsciously dwell on whatever your focus is.

So...please, try to focus on Not worrying about whatever Life throws at you, and make time for wholesome things that make you HAPPY!


Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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