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SO, How does the Captain RESOLVE to spend his time in 2022?

Many of you may have wondered why Captain CHOO didn’t re-surface in the Fall...

Well, Denise and I bought an old house in Jun 01, 2021 that desperately needed some major work, so the Captain had to slip off his Skipper hat, put on his work gear and play “Construction Worker” for the rest of the year!

And NOW?

1. There still are considerable house Reno projects that I need to get out of the way this year. That will steal some of the time I would allot to my books.

2. With that in mind, I’ve targeted illustrating FOUR more of the Captain CHOO Critter Caper books this year (It’s takes 2-3 months per book to complete.) Anything more will be bonus!

3. Those of you who have followed me know I battle some major spinal injuries from a brutal MVA in 2007. I fiercely continue that fight, so many hours of 2022 will still go into painful rehab, trying to regain the Old “Super” ME. I’m winning, but it’s very slow going.

I’ve also been seriously contemplating WRITING A BOOK about this whole experience, focused on sharing over-looked strategies I’ve learned for healing, and overcoming chronic pain.

4. In the back of my mind still Burns my ultimate dream since childhood, writing that Epic fantasy fiction series geared towards youth up to adults. I Do have some storylines down on paper, but with all the bustle of the last two years I just haven’t had time to dive in there.

I’m really hoping to explore that avenue much more this year.

5. Last, but by far NOT Least, I want to spend some serious quality time with my wife!

Like many of you, the last few years we’ve been “through the ringer,” and All of our resources have been committed to just “keeping it together,” & merely surviving.

This year, my sincere hope is we can get back to doing some FUN stuff, like a few camping trips and leisurely hikes, hopefully involving some mountain forests, lakes and rivers!

I also want to spend more time with my guitar, and my Bible.

Life is short. Some people have said Final goodbyes to family and friends in the past year. Others have been dealt life changing blows beyond their control. Some have done well, or been relatively unscathed by trauma, but "Ease" in this life is simply not assured.

SO…Please, remember in 2022 to include some FUN activities, and Good times with people you Love, along with all those “Other” things that really don’t matter in the “BIG Picture.”

May GOD bless you all in 2022!

Your Friend, Dave Chouhan, AKA “Captain CHOO”

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