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The creatures in the Forest of SADNESS have decided it's time explore the SOURCE of the strange sound that is permeating their home. What on Earth will they find?🤔

This page pays homage to Lord of the Rings with it's MAP style!

Love those books/movies, and always wanted to incorporate similar style into my own art. :)

I have a much more serious form of adult fiction novels planned for down the road, where I'll also be using a similar but darker version of this map style.

But Here we're keeping it LIGHT. :)

There was actually a LOT of work to this simple looking page:

Those trees were first drawn in FULL Page size with all the details, before being shrunk down and EACH INDIVIDUALLY placed on the map! I could've saved time with Much simpler black silhouettes, but I was looking for full colours and details to get the overall "look" I envisioned for the map.

As I was drawing this page, I suddenly really felt a need to incorporate a HYENA into this group of Animals;

so much so that I went ahead and drew the character, then rewrote the story to reference him! (I've done far more re-writing on this book during the Drawing stage than any of my previous books.) Hope you like him as much as I do. Hyenas are fascinating looking creatures. Pretty happy with how this guy turned out!😊

That completes Page 10 of, "The GIRAFFE with a LAUGH!"

I've got some family stuff to deal with the next couple of weeks, so I'll have to play it by ear as far as continuing the book goes.

Peace & blessings to you all.

Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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