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I don't think I've ever shared a MORAL PAGE on my blog before, but WHY NOT?

Well, I know it's an aspect I added AFTER the first two books were already done, and I was going through a huge learning curve with Everything on those "pioneer" books, including online marketing. That explains that,

But this is now a KEY part of EVERY BOOK. It's the Last page of the book, and an integral summary of the whole story!

It makes sense to share it.

So here it is, a very brief breakdown of what this book is about.

I'd like to add that this very lesson on PERSEVERANCE and FAITH is one that I lean on heavily every single day, as I pursue a career goal that many people do not take seriously, but dismiss as merely a "hobby."

I've shared before with people, I wonder what would have happened if J.K. Rowling (or Tolkien, or C.S. Lewis, or Terry Brooks, R.A. Salvatore, etc. and SO many more) had listened to the "doubters?" and quit? Well, I can tell you, they WOULDN'T be as astronomically successful as they are today!

It takes a deep determination to press on despite hearing people who try to shut you down, and there are a Lot of them in the world! These people are very good at undermining you, casting objections, and stirring up doubt in your visions and goals, but I've learned, after beating myself up repeatedly, to just simply "block out" the naysayers.

Life is too short. Considering I should have DIED in my May 24, 2007 MVA, and have battled Hellish pain ever since, these days my criteria for WHAT'S IMPORTANT as a Lifetime accomplishment has shifted massively.

I'm now trusting God to direct and bless this venture. We'll see where HE leads!

Meantime, as long as I can keep paying my day-to-day living expenses, (a very legitimate and ongoing consideration) I will remain 100% committed to "seeing this project out."


It's been a busy productive day again, with some frustrating challenges, but we still made very good progress:

1. I converted my art to the finished jpgs, then uploaded them to Bookwright.

I still found a couple of missing things on pics, so I had to go back and draw and save those changes before converting to jpg.

2. I needed to download the latest BookWright program and read up on the changes. Thankfully, Pretty straightforward.

3.. Uploading went very quickly. Blurb has done a great job of streamlining the process.

As expected, I still had to adjust the jpgs in Bookwright for margins and size on the Print guidelines, I did have a new issue where I have to upload the HARD and SOFT copies separately to Blurb, due to changes they've made, but, after an email to tech support and a super quick response, I got my answers.


The book is uploaded to Blurb!

4. I ordered my HARD and SOFT PROOF copies, which I should see in 2-3 weeks.

Once they arrive and I review them, upon approval I will set up the book for Public SALE!

I looked at this book sitting half done on my computer for most of this year! It was disheartening, to say the least. To be at this stage today is a GREAT feeling. :)

God is Good, and I am grateful.

God Bless, 😊

Dave Chouhan, AKA Captain CHOO💖

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